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Video Storytelling

We recommend video to any business that intends on staying competitive.

We bring our client’s customers to the forefront.  We want our client’s story to be told by real people.

Product Photography

We enjoyed working on this product shot with our client, Pritchard Distillery.
Our team worked with the wholesale agency for business collateral images.  We also executed the creative for his Nashville outdoor campaign.

Web Development

We actually communicate to our clients, which we hear is a big deal.  Our team takes a strategic approach to development and we take the necessary time to understand the data / analytics you currently have.


We get the right message to the right people at the right time

Full Marketing Management
Search Engine Marketing
Web Development


We help business owners execute comprehensive marketing plans.  If your business is growing, looking to gain market share or you need help with correlated design and content, we can help you.

Our clients are taking back control of their marketing investment.  They have a better understanding of what marketing is doing for the bottom line and they are utilizing our research tools to better understand their data.  A business would consider our team if they are looking for a true marketing partner, ready to hear the absolute truth, like transparent communication and are truly ready to move their brand forward.



We are challenging our clients to look at their revenue in a different way.  Our team is utilizing detailed heat maps and predictive modeling to maximize our client’s share of business.

Owners usually find themselves looking at the same reports month over month. We work with our clients to create a custom web-based dashboard that allows us to literally see their sales. We start with your company’s historical sales data, web analytics and annual revenue goals to create monthly reports that show you a return on your investment.


We are an on-demand society and we have more media options at our fingertips vs. 5 years ago.  As a majority, we’re not waking up with our favorite morning show or watching the 6pm news as much as we used to.  KICKSTAND is an opportunity for all businesses, non-profits, community leaders and anyone with a message to share with your local market or the world to communicate through podcasting.

Podcasts is to small business today is what YouTube was 3 years ago.  It allows for a consistent audience that wants to opt-in to your information a long form of advertising and branding opportunity with your audience.  Consumers want a good story that keeps their attention and that’s relevant; KICKSTAND is that solution.

Bringing premium content to businesses utilizing the power of podcasts.
  • “We’ve kinda completely revamped what we’ve been doing from a marketing standpoint.  We’ve incorporated a ton of video, cut back on our radio and added a lot of digital.  In all of those things, we have seen huge success.”

    - Joe Stanford, Accurate Mortgage Group

  • “I like working with Good People Creative because I get a team of people that have good ideas.  I have outside of the box thinkers that don’t give me a canned answer.”

    - Tim Leeper, Tim Leeper Roofing

  • “I would of never thought of being on billboards, on TV, on radio.  They’ve taken us to heights I would of never imaged.  They’re very precise.”

    - Gene Kaposey, Chim Chimney

Good Brands We've Partnered With

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Has your marketing been audited in the past 3 years?

When meeting with business owners, we find that many of them have rarely had an outside team audit their marketing strategy.  It’s important for us to partner with our clients to look at their entire business to make sure we are investing in promoting the right product or service.

Is your business investing in research?

We have partnered with a fifteen year research and business intelligence company to bring our clients “big data”.  Our team truly gets in to the numbers and your past sales data is no exception.  Our clients are seeing more about their sales than they ever have.  We heat map past transactions, set clear milestones to achieve future goals and report monthly on the team’s progress.

Have you been burned before?

Having had a bad experience is something we hear too often.  Understanding this, we work hard to set clear expectations with our clients and meet on a regular basis to ensure transparency.  We refer all of our prospective clients to connect with our current clients to hear directly about their experience.

Are you communicating with your customers?

We find some business owners have a clear communication strategy in place and some do not.  It’s extremely important to consistently communicate to your customers, prospects and your executive’s professional network.  Creating a strategy, executing and measuring along the way is extremely important to any business owner that is trying to grow their share of business.

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